November 2022 Edition
Charlie's Legacy isn't Cancer. It's Joy!
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Welcome to the first installment of the CL7 Newsletter which will be published biannually. 'Tis the season of gratitude and giving and we couldn’t be more thankful for the tremendous generosity and support of donors, friends and family.
As many of you know, The Charlie Landers Foundation was originally created by our honorary CEO, Charlie. Two weeks before his passing he said he wanted to start a Foundation to help kids who were going through what he was going through. This was Charlie. Even during his darkest hours, he wanted to help others.
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Charlie’s final wish is now our life’s work. We hit the ground running in April of 2022 and established The Charlie Landers Foundation, whose mission is to raise awareness, provide critical support to pediatric and young adult patients, and fund research to find a cure for Ewing Sarcoma. We are channeling our grief as best we can into something positive, and something hopeful for those facing what he did. Although Charlie’s life was tragically cut short here on this earth, his Foundation comprised of beloved friends, family and his Medical Team is committed to fighting for the lives of Ewing Sarcoma patients.

The Charlie Landers Foundation CL7 is now synonymous with "Own the Mound". What does that mean?

To “Own the Mound” is to stand your ground, to stare down your opponent (Whatever it might be) and win the day! It’s about empowerment, taking control and rising to the occasion. All of us can own the mound when it comes to striking out Ewing Sarcoma, there are lots of ways to get involved and beat this disease.
Thanks again to all of you for supporting our many efforts over the past several months and we appreciate in advance your support and involvement in our future ones. Every dollar counts so thank you for gifts both big and small. We are just getting started!
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The CL7 Baseball Dedication

On May 22, the borough of Franklin Lakes dedicated Pulis 90’ baseball field in Charlie's honor, a field where he first developed his love for baseball as a War Eagle. Hundreds came out to support on a beautiful day of heartfelt speeches led by Franklin Lakes Mayor Frank Bivona, Charlie’s parents Lisa & Mark and his sister Annie Landers. Song and poetry added to this special day with the first pitch thrown by Charlie’s friend, coach and baseball mentor Tom Atlee. A plaque is Charlie’s Memory resides on a rock alongside the field. A field that is special to every War Eagle in town. #ownthemound
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Charlie’s 7K run

The Team was Doing Sprints So I Sprinted!

Special thanks to Team Captains and Landers’ family friends Krisi Behrens and Patricia Poppe for organizing a 7K town run on 7/7 in support of the Charlie Landers Foundation. The run began and ended at Charlie’s rock at Pulis Field with teachers, students, friends, family and road runners in tow. The 7K continued in New York City’s Central Park as several Morgan Stanley runners and city supporters came to run around the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir with a celebratory gathering afterward where many reminisced and enjoyed some CL7 time.

Ground troops all over the US continued the 7K run during the month of July in such states as Florida, Maryland, California, Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts, North Carolina and New Jersey which raised over $20,000 towards the Charlie Landers Foundation #wintheday!!
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1st Annual Charlie Landers Golf Classic

Thanks to the 132 golfers who came out to play at The Tuxedo Club on August 29th in support of The Charlie Landers Foundation. A spectacular day filled with sunny skies, laughter, music, and memories made. Special thanks to Medical Advisory Board member Dr. Paul Meyers, Charlie’s Doctor and Chief of the Pediatric Sarcoma Clinic and Vice Chairman of Clinical Affairs at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, for speaking about the critical need for continued funds and support needed for Ewing Sarcoma research to beat this disease. Thanks to our Golf Committee, all of our incredible donors, and especially Greg and Kelly Larson for their kind hearts and generous spirit in helping us to make this day a success. An evening reception followed under the stars with additional supporters comprised of friends, family, and generous donors. Over $200,000 was raised to strike out Ewing Sarcoma. #forcharlie #ewingsarcomaawareness
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1st Annual Charlie Landers Sporting Clay Classic

Many thanks to Hudson Farm for a top-notch clay shooting event including a buffet lunch and sit-down dinner with expert instruction led by Griffin and Howe. Foursomes comprised of 76 shooters enjoyed a memorable fall day while putting a target on Ewing Sarcoma. Powerful, moving and fun-filled day!

Special thanks to our Medical Advisory Board members and Charlie’s Medical team at MSK Kids Jessie Hillsberg, CPNP, MSN, RN and Dr. Michael Kinnaman, who spoke about Charlie’s patient journey, the sobering statistics of Ewing sarcoma and the need for further support and awareness around this disease.
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CL7 Marathon Road Warriors

Congratulations and gratitude to our CL7 Marathon Runners!
Sue O’Grady Parry for running the NYC Marathon and Dan Long for his run of the Philadelphia Marathon. All money raised towards CL7 Patient support and research initiatives.
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CL7 Comfort Kits

"Charlie’s customized essentials kits" are specially curated care packages for those newly diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma - the "must haves" during treatment to stay comfortable, relaxed and happy.
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The intention of the kits is to bring comfort and spread joy to Ewing’s Sarcoma patients all over the country. Just like Charlie wanted.
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Deliveries made so far:
Memorial Sloan Kettering
Seattle Children’s
Holtz Children’s Hospital of Miami
Hasbro Children’s Hospital, Providence Rhode Island
MD Anderson
Hackensack University Medical Center
Yale New Haven
Dana Farber
Cohen Children’s Medical Center
CHOP Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

CL7 Grants Announcement

Through the generosity of donors like you, we are now able to start our Grant Process!
Dedicated funds are now available for a one-year grant through The Charlie Landers Foundation to support Pediatric Ewing Sarcoma research. This award includes the potential for a second year of funding based on demonstrated progress and the joint approval of the Boards of Directors of The Charlie Landers Foundation.
Grants range from $20,000-$150,00 with a period of performance of one year.
We will fund Innovative and transformative pre-clinical, translational, and clinical research, that has the potential to immediately impact the lives of Ewing sarcoma patients.

Application Deadline: 1/30/2023
Announcement of Recipient: 3/27/23
Start of Grant: July 1, 2023
For full information on submission details please visit:

Corporate Matching!

We’re currently awaiting word from the IRS on our Foundation Private to Public Status which will give those the ability to make Corporate match donations should they wish much easier. Please check our website for updates on our status change!

Stay up-to-date with upcoming events, news, and more!


Congratulations to Charlie’s Ramapo High School Varsity Baseball Team. 2022 State Sectional Champs!

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Baseball meant the world to Charlie, it was the best medicine he could have had during his cancer journey. To him, baseball represented hope, empowerment, healing, and community.

Thanks to Ramapo High School Baseball for forever being involved in Charlie’s legacy and congratulations on a spectacular spring season.
State Sectional Champs! Never a doubt
#CL7 #Ownthemound
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In Memoriam

Dylan Newman was diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma in 2018. When Charlie started treatment Dylan had completed his 53 week protocol and was already in remission. The similarities in their cases and their personalities (Dylan was also an avid baseball player) prompted our team at MSK to introduce us to Dylan and his family for support and guidance. Throughout Charlie’s treatment, Dylan was an inspiration to him, his parents Todd and Tanya and sister Kelsey an inspiration to our family. Like Charlie, Dylan suffered recurrence of the disease and embarked on a similar path as Charlie navigating the difficult path of clinical trials. Like Charlie, the unproven trials proved ineffective. After a 4 year battle, Dylan Newman passed away on September 20, 2022. If ever we needed a reminder for what we are trying to accomplish with this foundation, the story of Dylan is yet another reminder. These kids deserve better! Rest In Peace Dylan #forever5
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“Hope can be a powerful force. Maybe there’s no actual magic in it, but when you know what you hope for most and hold it like a light within you, you can make things happen, almost like magic.” – Laini Taylor
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